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About PhiloLogos


Welcome! I'm James Hoskins, the founder of PhiloLogos — an online resource promoting deeper understanding of issues at the intersection of reason, faith, and culture.

I'm passionate about helping people to wrestle through tough questions like:

    • Are there any good reasons to believe that God exists?
    • Hasn't science basically made belief in God unnecessary?
    • Is religious belief a hindrance to our cultural progress?
    • How does one think rationally and fairly about ethics and religion?

      I've been providing education and research on these issues (both through writing and classroom instruction) for almost a decade. Whether you are a religious believer or skeptic, I hope you'll let me guide you — as a coach, friend, and dialogue partner — as we seek the true, beautiful, and good together!

      I teach philosophy and logic classes at a college-prep high school, with 8+ years in the classroom. I have a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Missouri-Kansas City (2009), and a M.A. in Science and Religion from Biola University (2012).

      PhiloLogos started off as my personal blog — a place for me to share my educational journey. It has now grown into a learning destination for college students and adults from all over the world; people seeking answers to some of life's biggest questions.

      While I certainly don't have all the answers, I do have enough years of experience, research, and insight to help people examine their own assumptions; to see that there is usually more to these questions than they previously thought; and to discover that there really are answers out there that are deeply satisfying to both the heart and mind.

      Whether you want to join over 1,000+ students (and counting) in 90 countries by enrolling in one of my online courses, or just add to the discussion on the blog, I hope you'll become part of the PhiloLogos community!

      The name PhiloLogos is derived from two Greek words — philo (meaning "love of") and logos (meaning "word," "reason," or "logic"). It has four essential meanings, all of which are important:

      1. It means "love of the (written) word" — here you'll find lots of book references and recommendations.
      2. It means "love of reason" — all of the articles and courses on PhiloLogos reflect an appreciation for the role of the mind.
      3. It means "love of Jesus" — the Gospel of John refers to Jesus of Nazareth as the divine Word (Logos). Many of the articles here are theological in nature, and speak to the Christian faith.
      4. It means "love of Creation" — in ancient philosophy, the term Logos referred to the elegant order underlying the fabric of the universe. PhiloLogos, therefore, celebrates all Art as a reflection of that order and beauty.

      It is possible to achieve a unity between the heart and mind that brings hope and peace to one's life. But it is only attained through the sincere pursuit of the Truth (which is both rational and personal) that is the Logos. It is a daily and weekly pursuit. And we can't do it alone. Join me.