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Robots and Religion

James Hoskins

Can machines think? Could a computer ever become conscious? If it did, would that mean it had a soul? What does that imply about our souls? Could a computer ever join a religion? I was asked to weigh in on these questions recently in a couple of different publications.

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God, Time, and Gravitational Waves

James Hoskins

Religious neutrality in science is virtually impossible to accomplish. Scientists' metaphysical assumptions about God, about what ultimately exists and what doesn't, about what is meaningful and what isn't, inevitably find their way into even the most celebrated and scientifically confirmed theories we have. Einstein's theory of relativity is no different.

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Forgiveness Is Supernatural [CAPC]


The survivors and family members of those slain in the shooting at Emanuel AME Church of Charleston astonished the nation, when they spoke to the murderer, “You hurt me…but God forgive you, and I forgive you.” Why would someone choose to forgive such horrific evil? And how could they find the strength to do so?

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