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God, Time, and Gravitational Waves

James Hoskins

Religious neutrality in science is virtually impossible to accomplish. Scientists' metaphysical assumptions about God, about what ultimately exists and what doesn't, about what is meaningful and what isn't, inevitably find their way into even the most celebrated and scientifically confirmed theories we have. Einstein's theory of relativity is no different.

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Free Will Is Real, But Not So Simple [CAPC]


The free will debate is one of those issues that feels a bit worn out to me; it seems no one is saying anything new. But people can say old things in new, more interesting ways. Social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister has done that. He’s written an excellent article in Slate, in which he argues both that we have free will and that our ability to make choices does not violate any laws of nature. That’s a fairly unpopular thing to say these days. By doing so, Baumeister is going against the current trend of fashionable thought, which I find quite refreshing. Baumeister affirms the common sense view of free will, while also attempting to show there is no incompatibility with his view and science. I appreciate that kind of holistic, interdisciplinary way of thinking. And while I don’t agree with everything he says, I do think his article is full of insight and wisdom that Christians (and anyone, really) can learn from.  Read the rest of my analysis over at Christ and Pop Culture.

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