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Enjoy my writing and/or music? Here are a few ways you can help me do more of it:

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I don't put ads on my website. So any writing I do here is essentially unpaid. If you'd like to support my writing, the best way is to donate directly, like giving a tip. It helps me do things like pay rent, feed my kids, and keep this website up and running, so I can devote more time to writing. You can make a secure donation at the link below. Any amount is appreciated.

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Become a music patron

I'm no longer seeking a music career. But I do want to provide easy ways for people to support my music, if they feel so inclined. By purchasing a patron membership ($20+ per year) you can gain immediate access to my entire back catalogue of releases, as well as rare demos, videos, and recordings only available to patron members. You'll also get the satisfaction of knowing you're supporting independent music in a sustainable way. 


enroll in a course

Some topics require more than an article to explain. I've developed several online courses to give you an in-depth understanding of things like: logic & critical thinking, the relationship between science and religion, etc.. Enrolling in a course is a way to support the research and writing I do at PhiloLogos, while growing your own knowledge and understanding at the same time.